How to Unlock and Use the UCAV and SUAV in BF4

ucav & suav battlefield 4

Two new, powerful gadgets were added with the China Rising DLC for Battlefield 4 – the UCAV and the SUAV.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock them and most effectively use them.

First, you’ll need the China Rising DLC. This may have come with your copy of BF4 when you bought it new. If not, you’ll need BF4 Premium or to purchase the DLC separately.

The UCAV and SUAV are both unlocked through assignments. Like most of the new assignments, you’ll need to spend some time with new China Rising features to get them.

To unlock the UCAV: [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 Aftermath XBOW tips and Standard / HE / BA / Scan Bolt Guide

Battlefield 3 crossbow - xbow

One of the most anticipated additions to the Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC is the XBOW, or crossbow. This weapon comes in two variants – the Crossbow and the Rifle Scoped Crossbow. Each can be used with four different types of ammo or “bolt” – the standard bolt, HE bolt, BA bolt, and scan bolt. The crossbow gets a total of 10 rounds of each type and can be resupplied with an ammo box.

First off, you’ll need the Aftermath DLC to get the XBOW. Premium members have access to this automatically. Otherwise, you can purchase the Aftermath DLC individually for $15.

To use the XBOW, XBOW scoped, and the different types of bolts you need to complete assignments. Here are details on how to unlock the two versions of the XBOW and the three additional bolts:

Unlocking the XBOW [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 loadout editor for Battlelog

Battlefield 3 loadout editor in Battlelog

The loadout feature has been introduced to Battlelog for all Battlefield 3 players. Battlefield Premium is not required.

To access your loadouts, [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 double XP weekend on PC detailed

Credit: Dice/EA

EA/DICE has listed details for the PC’s double XP weekend. This works just as it did on the console double XP weekend which ran May 12th to 14th.

Here is the full info.

Start Date/Time:
Saturday, May 26th at [Read more…]

Close Quarters weapons list with detailed gun info

Credit: EA/DICE


By now you may have seen the list of weapons for the upcoming Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3. All weapons are said to be unlocked with assignments, just as in Back to Karkand.

Today I’ve put together a preview of what to expect from these weapons.

AUG Assault Rifle
–    Moderate damage, medium rate of fire, low/medium recoil, full auto/burst/single fire, and 30 rounds.
SCAR Assault Rifle [Read more…]

Join the EA Gun Club to unlock the M1911 pistol in Battlefield 3

Credit: EA/DICE

EA has opened up access to the “Gun Club.” Becoming a member opens up the following, per the Gun Club website:

Challenges: Show off your shooter skills.
Badges: Collect badges by playing games and interacting in the Gun Club community. Some badges are just for fun, while others are needed to redeem rewards.
Rewards: Get exclusive access and deals for being a Gun Club member and early access to game betas.
Community: Get updates from your friends, visit the forums, and get active on Facebook and Twitter.
Media and Intel: Get the latest details on EA’s hottest shooters.

Once you register, you’ll unlock the M1911 pistol for Battlefield 3. This was a great sidearm in Bad Company 2, so I suggest you sign up!



Classes in Battlefield 3 multiplayer (part 1 of 5)

Credit: EA/DICE


Battlefield 3 will include four distinct player classes: support, engineer, recon, and assault.

As was the case in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, numerous “unlocks” (weapons and gadgets made available by reaching goals in multiplayer) can be applied to the different classes. Most players will eventually branch out and vary their class each time they spawn based on their squad, the map, and other specifics of the battle.

However, many players will choose their favorite class or classes and unlock their unique items first. This can be of particular advantage in the first few weeks of the game’s release.

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