Battlefield 3 patch 1.06 notes and summary for September 4th release

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Poster

The September 4th v1.06 patch (sometimes incorrectly referred to as 1.6) has released. This update is approximately 2.2GB in size for the PC, 1.5GB for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

In addition to including content for the Armored Kill DLC, there are a number of gameplay changes and bug fixes. The complete list is available at the Battlefield Blog, but to keep from boring you to death, I’m listing only the biggest changes below.

Weapon Changes:

  • Reload times slightly changed for most weapons to better match animations
  • Minimum damage increased on UMP, PP2000, M1911, M5K, and 12 Gauge buckshot rounds
  • Slightly lowered the range bonus of the heavy barrel on most Assault Rifles
  • Slightly reduced range penalty of the suppressor on most guns
  • More recoil on M16A3 and M4A1 [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 release date for PC, additional patch notes

Credit: Dice/EA

The long-anticipated patch v1.04 was released for the PS3 on 3/27. Previously, I listed a summary of the changes. The PC patch will release on 3/29/12. Update: patch is now live and is 1.5GB in size. The Xbox 360 patch date has not been announced, but I think we’ll see it within a week.

Some of the unlisted changes which are rumored to be included (thanks, Reddit users):

  • Suppression effect has been increased noticeably
  • Stinger/IGLA is now [Read more…]

Upcoming Battlefield 3 patch changes summarized

Credit: Dice/EA

A massive list of upcoming patch changes has been posted by EA/DICE. While there’s no ETA on the next patch, and this is not a complete list, we can expect a lot of bug fixes and balance changes.

Here’s a more brief list of big changes:


-no fall damage from short falls
-getting up from prone is faster [Read more…]