Battlefield 3 strategy guide – attacking and defending on Operation Metro

Credit: DICE/EA (click to enlarge)


Today I have a strategy guide for attacking and defending in Rush mode on Operation Metro.

These tips are for competitive players looking for an edge. My advance warning – if you’re a casual player, this will be tl;dr!

Attacker Tips:

  • Area 1 (the park): Stay out of open areas as much as possible. Your enemies will be using cover and the prone position a lot. But don’t hang back and snipe the entire round – your team will lose before you get past the first objectives. Advance through hedges and between cover such as concrete walls and large trees. Take down objective Alpha first as it’s more difficult to approach. Before arming, check around the generator at Alpha for enemies and check the playground at Bravo. Once armed, cover from behind the concrete walls nearby each point.
  • Area 2 (tunnels): Keep away from all of the long hallways as much as you can. You’re likely to find support and snipers posted up and waiting for you. Move quickly between areas of cover. The short hallways in the center of the tunnel and the subway cars make for good cover while on the move. Guard Bravo from the stairway once armed, and Alpha from the nearby train cars or a corner inside the room.
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Battlefield 3 beta tips for Operation Metro

Credit: EA/DICE

The Battlefield 3 open beta is in full swing on PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Today I have some multiplayer gameplay tips for the beta on the Operation Metro map.

General Tips:

  • Try out each of the four classes. Stats will be wiped after the beta ends, so if you’ve preordered or think you might buy, now’s a good time to try them all out.
  • Spot your enemies! Even if you think you’ll be able to take them out before they see you, spot them first just in case. This will help your teammates finish them off. As a bonus, you’ll get points for spotting and points for the kill assist.
  • Toss down ammo and health packs, especially near choke points. This’ll help keep you and your teammates alive, all while giving you points.
  • As an attacker, work your way up to the MCOM stations with your squad. Once armed, keep a close eye on it so an enemy doesn’t sneak in and disarm.
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