Close Quarters weapons list with detailed gun info

Credit: EA/DICE


By now you may have seen the list of weapons for the upcoming Close Quarters expansion for Battlefield 3. All weapons are said to be unlocked with assignments, just as in Back to Karkand.

Today I’ve put together a preview of what to expect from these weapons.

AUG Assault Rifle
–    Moderate damage, medium rate of fire, low/medium recoil, full auto/burst/single fire, and 30 rounds.
SCAR Assault Rifle [Read more…]

Battlelog live scoreboard for BF3 PC players

A new feature for Battlelog on the PC has been announced – the Live Scoreboard.

This feature is being rolled out to users gradually, so keep checking the server browser for it to be added. Live Scoreboard will be displayed by selecting a server name then scrolling down. By setting the “live update” selection to “on” the stats will be refreshed in real time.

Here are some of the potential benefits this will offer:

•    Check the remaining [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 release date for PC, additional patch notes

Credit: Dice/EA

The long-anticipated patch v1.04 was released for the PS3 on 3/27. Previously, I listed a summary of the changes. The PC patch will release on 3/29/12. Update: patch is now live and is 1.5GB in size. The Xbox 360 patch date has not been announced, but I think we’ll see it within a week.

Some of the unlisted changes which are rumored to be included (thanks, Reddit users):

  • Suppression effect has been increased noticeably
  • Stinger/IGLA is now [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 sniping tips

Sniping in BF3 is a controversial subject. We’ve all found ourselves on a team full of snipers ignoring the objectives. However, a good sniper can have their place on the team. For example, you can keep enemies away MCOM’s and flags, or prevent the MCOM your teammate armed from getting disabled if you’re a good shot.

Here, I’m going to focus on eliminating enemies with a sniper rifle and staying alive.

Basic tips:

  • Get used to the amount of bullet drop each rifle has. To watch your bullet travel, continue holding the fire button after taking your shot. Practice aiming just above your target at medium range, and higher at longer ranges.
  • Aim for the head. Headshots are a 1-shot kill with the bolt-action rifles and at most a 2-shot kill with the semi-auto sniper rifles.

Upcoming Battlefield 3 patch changes summarized

Credit: Dice/EA

A massive list of upcoming patch changes has been posted by EA/DICE. While there’s no ETA on the next patch, and this is not a complete list, we can expect a lot of bug fixes and balance changes.

Here’s a more brief list of big changes:


-no fall damage from short falls
-getting up from prone is faster [Read more…]

Use this console command to limit FPS in Battlefield 3

Why would you want to limit your frame rate in BF3? More FPS is better, right? Not always. [Read more…]

Enable color blind mode for better contrast in Battlefield 3

For those with certain types of color blindness, the teammate and enemy colors in the HUD and minimap can be very difficult to tell apart. A color blind mode was added to BF3 on the PC which can help eliminate this problem. Many find this option to be an improvement in contrast, even those without color blindness.

Enabling colorblind support sets [Read more…]

How to use the sprint button and sprint specializations in Battlefield 3

The sprint button can be used to cover ground faster in BF3. There is no limit to the amount of time you can sprint.

Sprint is activated one of two ways on the PC:
–          Hold the shift key
–          Double tap the “W” key and hold

On the PS3 and Xbox 360, sprint is used by holding down the left stick.

Sprint can not only be used on foot, but in ground vehicles. Tanks, LAV’s, [Read more…]

Why you can’t see your ping in Battlefield 3 on PC

When the patch on December 6th was released, a feature was added to the “tab” screen to show player pings.

Currently, your own ping shows up with a “-“ (a dash, or hyphen), while the pings of other players is visible.

First, there’s a misconception [Read more…]

How to perfectly time moving up to the next objective in Rush mode


Let’s say you’re attacking on Rush mode, and you just finished taking a pair of MCOM’s. Getting to the next set of objectives as quickly as possible can be an effective strategy.

Many of your enemies will still be at the previous set of objectives when the new MCOM’s open up. This means the defense will often be limited at the new objectives.

You can capitalize on this by moving up as quickly as possible. You can actually leave the combat area and move towards the new MCOM’s, and if you time it just right, you’ll be saved from death at the last second. Whether you’re on foot or in a ground vehicle, this gets you nearly 10 seconds closer to the objective than waiting for orders to proceed.

How do you time your run so you don’t get killed for leaving the combat area? [Read more…]