Battlefield 3 Aftermath XBOW tips and Standard / HE / BA / Scan Bolt Guide

Battlefield 3 crossbow - xbow

One of the most anticipated additions to the Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC is the XBOW, or crossbow. This weapon comes in two variants – the Crossbow and the Rifle Scoped Crossbow. Each can be used with four different types of ammo or “bolt” – the standard bolt, HE bolt, BA bolt, and scan bolt. The crossbow gets a total of 10 rounds of each type and can be resupplied with an ammo box.

First off, you’ll need the Aftermath DLC to get the XBOW. Premium members have access to this automatically. Otherwise, you can purchase the Aftermath DLC individually for $15.

To use the XBOW, XBOW scoped, and the different types of bolts you need to complete assignments. Here are details on how to unlock the two versions of the XBOW and the three additional bolts:

Unlocking the XBOW [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition $39.99 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 at Amazon

Battlefield 3 PC edition

Amazon has Battlefield 3 Premium Edition on sale for $39.99 with free shipping.

BF3 Premium Edition contains the Battlefield 3 game AND Premium membership, which gives you the following expansion packs:

Back to Karkand

  • Close Quarters
  • Armored Kill
  • Aftermath
  • End Game

You also get access to the Premium prioritized queue, extra dog tags, skins, assignments, and double XP events.

Battlefield 3 previously was priced at $60, so the price has been dropped $20 for this sale.

Here are the links to each edition of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition on Amazon:

PS3 Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping
Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping
PC Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping

(Thanks, user “Discombobulated” at SlickDeals for this sale price!)

Battlefield 3 for PC only $7.50 today on Amazon

Battlefield 3 PC edition

Today Amazon is offering a great deal on Battlefield 3 for the PC. Simply click here to order then enter coupon code OCTOFUN1 for 25% off the $9.99 price during checkout.

This is a digital download, which is available to play immediately after purchase.

Keep in mind this is for the Standard Edition of BF3; Battlefield 3 Premium is priced at $59.99 on Amazon but you can get it from for $37.50 with coupon code GMG25-EVFWS-4Z4ZN.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill rush defender tips

BF3 Armored Kill Rush AC-130 Gunship on Bandar Desert

Credit: EA/DICE

There’s little doubt that Rush mode in Armored Kill is imbalanced. Defenders are given fewer ground vehicles than attackers, and the AC-130 has a Low Orbital Death Cannon to easily wipe out defenders, even in cover. Add to that the paradrop ability of the gunship, and defending on rush seems hopeless.

I expect we’ll soon see more balance changes to AK rush. Perhaps a nerf to the AC-130’s cannons, fewer ground vehicles on attacker, or more defensive vehicles and emplacements.

Until then, all hope is not lost for defenders. I’ve been having a decent rate of success as a defender, so long as fast vehicle respawn is off and the ticket count is normal.

What follows is a guide for a shot at winning as a defender on Armored Kill rush.

[Read more…]

Battlefield 3 patch 1.06 notes and summary for September 4th release

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Poster

The September 4th v1.06 patch (sometimes incorrectly referred to as 1.6) has released. This update is approximately 2.2GB in size for the PC, 1.5GB for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

In addition to including content for the Armored Kill DLC, there are a number of gameplay changes and bug fixes. The complete list is available at the Battlefield Blog, but to keep from boring you to death, I’m listing only the biggest changes below.

Weapon Changes:

  • Reload times slightly changed for most weapons to better match animations
  • Minimum damage increased on UMP, PP2000, M1911, M5K, and 12 Gauge buckshot rounds
  • Slightly lowered the range bonus of the heavy barrel on most Assault Rifles
  • Slightly reduced range penalty of the suppressor on most guns
  • More recoil on M16A3 and M4A1 [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 loadout editor for Battlelog

Battlefield 3 loadout editor in Battlelog

The loadout feature has been introduced to Battlelog for all Battlefield 3 players. Battlefield Premium is not required.

To access your loadouts, [Read more…]

120Hz & 144Hz monitors vs 60Hz in Battlefield 3 & 4

Battlefield 3 120hz 60hz

In the last few years, 120Hz and 144Hzmonitors have been getting a lot of attention from PC gamers.

I’m going to cover some of the benefits of a 120/144Hz monitor and whether it’s suited for your Battlefield 3/4 experience on the PC.

How 60Hz and 120/144Hz monitors differ

Let’s say you’re playing Battlefield and watching your frame rate through the in-game command or a 3rd party program, and you average 90 FPS. If you have a 60Hz monitor, it will display no more than 60 frames each second. If you have a 120Hz monitor, it will display all the way up to 120 frames per second, so you will see 90 FPS. With the 60Hz monitor, some of your graphics processing power is wasted since you’re not seeing the extra frames.

Why frame rate is important in Battlefield 3/4

BF3 and BF4 [Read more…]

Gun Master weapon and attachment list for Close Quarters

BF3 Gun Master Logo

Below is a complete list of weapons and their attachments in the Gun Master mode for Close Quarters. These weapons and attachments are the same each round, regardless of map or server settings.

For Gun Master tips and strategy, see the previous article.

Gun Master Weapons and Attachments

1) MP443 (Pistol, 2 kills)
2) 93R (Pistol, 2 kills)
3) .44 Magnum (Pistol, 2 kills)
4) PP19 + Suppressor (PDW, 2 kills) [Read more…]

Gun Master tips and strategy for Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

BF3 Gun Master Mode

The Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3 introduces a new game mode: Gun Master. This mode is similar to the “Gun Game” mode introduced as a mod to Counter-Strike.

Here I will explain the game mode, then go into tips and strategy.

How does the Gun Master mode work?

All players are locked into using a single weapon. Everyone begins with a pistol and must get kills to advance to the next level. When a new level is reached, a new gun is equipped. There are a total of 17 levels – the first player to complete the 17th level wins, ending the round.

Some additional info:

  • Dying does not cause you to lose your progress.
  • Ammo is [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 double XP weekend on PC detailed

Credit: Dice/EA

EA/DICE has listed details for the PC’s double XP weekend. This works just as it did on the console double XP weekend which ran May 12th to 14th.

Here is the full info.

Start Date/Time:
Saturday, May 26th at [Read more…]