Battlefield 3 Armored Kill rush defender tips

BF3 Armored Kill Rush AC-130 Gunship on Bandar Desert

Credit: EA/DICE

There’s little doubt that Rush mode in Armored Kill is imbalanced. Defenders are given fewer ground vehicles than attackers, and the AC-130 has a Low Orbital Death Cannon to easily wipe out defenders, even in cover. Add to that the paradrop ability of the gunship, and defending on rush seems hopeless.

I expect we’ll soon see more balance changes to AK rush. Perhaps a nerf to the AC-130’s cannons, fewer ground vehicles on attacker, or more defensive vehicles and emplacements.

Until then, all hope is not lost for defenders. I’ve been having a decent rate of success as a defender, so long as fast vehicle respawn is off and the ticket count is normal.

What follows is a guide for a shot at winning as a defender on Armored Kill rush.

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