Battlefield 3 Premium Edition $39.99 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 at Amazon

Battlefield 3 PC edition

Amazon has Battlefield 3 Premium Edition on sale for $39.99 with free shipping.

BF3 Premium Edition contains the Battlefield 3 game AND Premium membership, which gives you the following expansion packs:

Back to Karkand

  • Close Quarters
  • Armored Kill
  • Aftermath
  • End Game

You also get access to the Premium prioritized queue, extra dog tags, skins, assignments, and double XP events.

Battlefield 3 previously was priced at $60, so the price has been dropped $20 for this sale.

Here are the links to each edition of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition on Amazon:

PS3 Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping
Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping
PC Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99 w/ free shipping

(Thanks, user “Discombobulated” at SlickDeals for this sale price!)

Battlefield 3 for PC only $7.50 today on Amazon

Battlefield 3 PC edition

Today Amazon is offering a great deal on Battlefield 3 for the PC. Simply click here to order then enter coupon code OCTOFUN1 for 25% off the $9.99 price during checkout.

This is a digital download, which is available to play immediately after purchase.

Keep in mind this is for the Standard Edition of BF3; Battlefield 3 Premium is priced at $59.99 on Amazon but you can get it from for $37.50 with coupon code GMG25-EVFWS-4Z4ZN.

Download the NVIDIA 285.62 and AMD 11.10 Version 3 Preview drivers for Battlefield 3

NVIDIA has just released the 285.62 driver package, which is optimized for the final release of Battlefield 3. AMD released a new preview driver last week (11.10 Version 3) which they’ve said already includes updates for the final BF3 version. Update your drivers now to prepare for the release at midnight!

Download links:

NVIDIA 285.62 Drivers
AMD 11.10 Version 3 Preview Drivers

Download the NVIDIA 285.38 and AMD 11.10 drivers for the Battlefield 3 beta

Both NVIDIA and AMD have released beta/preview video card drivers optimized for Battlefield 3. Since these drivers were designed by both companies specifically to improve performance for BF3, everyone should download them to prepare for the beta.

To ensure the latest graphics driver is installed, be sure to uninstall your previous display drivers before running the new setup program.

Download links:

NVIDIA 285.38 Beta Drivers

AMD 11.10 Preview Drivers

NOTE: The AMD link above does not yet link to a working installation package. The following mirror is confirmed to have the working 11.10 installer: (thanks, Guru3D!)