Battlefield 3 Armored Kill rush defender tips

BF3 Armored Kill Rush AC-130 Gunship on Bandar Desert

Credit: EA/DICE

There’s little doubt that Rush mode in Armored Kill is imbalanced. Defenders are given fewer ground vehicles than attackers, and the AC-130 has a Low Orbital Death Cannon to easily wipe out defenders, even in cover. Add to that the paradrop ability of the gunship, and defending on rush seems hopeless.

I expect we’ll soon see more balance changes to AK rush. Perhaps a nerf to the AC-130’s cannons, fewer ground vehicles on attacker, or more defensive vehicles and emplacements.

Until then, all hope is not lost for defenders. I’ve been having a decent rate of success as a defender, so long as fast vehicle respawn is off and the ticket count is normal.

What follows is a guide for a shot at winning as a defender on Armored Kill rush.

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Gun Master tips and strategy for Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

BF3 Gun Master Mode

The Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3 introduces a new game mode: Gun Master. This mode is similar to the “Gun Game” mode introduced as a mod to Counter-Strike.

Here I will explain the game mode, then go into tips and strategy.

How does the Gun Master mode work?

All players are locked into using a single weapon. Everyone begins with a pistol and must get kills to advance to the next level. When a new level is reached, a new gun is equipped. There are a total of 17 levels – the first player to complete the 17th level wins, ending the round.

Some additional info:

  • Dying does not cause you to lose your progress.
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Battlefield 3 sniping tips

Sniping in BF3 is a controversial subject. We’ve all found ourselves on a team full of snipers ignoring the objectives. However, a good sniper can have their place on the team. For example, you can keep enemies away MCOM’s and flags, or prevent the MCOM your teammate armed from getting disabled if you’re a good shot.

Here, I’m going to focus on eliminating enemies with a sniper rifle and staying alive.

Basic tips:

  • Get used to the amount of bullet drop each rifle has. To watch your bullet travel, continue holding the fire button after taking your shot. Practice aiming just above your target at medium range, and higher at longer ranges.
  • Aim for the head. Headshots are a 1-shot kill with the bolt-action rifles and at most a 2-shot kill with the semi-auto sniper rifles.

How to perfectly time moving up to the next objective in Rush mode


Let’s say you’re attacking on Rush mode, and you just finished taking a pair of MCOM’s. Getting to the next set of objectives as quickly as possible can be an effective strategy.

Many of your enemies will still be at the previous set of objectives when the new MCOM’s open up. This means the defense will often be limited at the new objectives.

You can capitalize on this by moving up as quickly as possible. You can actually leave the combat area and move towards the new MCOM’s, and if you time it just right, you’ll be saved from death at the last second. Whether you’re on foot or in a ground vehicle, this gets you nearly 10 seconds closer to the objective than waiting for orders to proceed.

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Battlefield 3 parachute use and minimum height

Credit: EA/DICE

If you’ve ever found yourself splattered on the ground after a fall, you’ll be glad you read this.

First off, the parachute uses the same key or button as Jump by default. This means you’ll use the following:

PC: Spacebar key
Xbox 360: “A” button
PS3: “X” button

If you’re jumping out of an aircraft or off the cliff at Damavand Peak, you have plenty of time to get your chute out, so I’m going to focus on parachuting from lower heights. Low-altitude ‘chuting can help you take shortcuts on maps or provide an escape route.

The most important thing to note with the parachute [Read more…]

Tips for Caspian Border in Battlefield 3 multiplayer

Credit: EA/DICE

By now PC players have no doubt had a chance to get some time in on the the BF3 beta’s Caspian Border map. Here are some gameplay tips for the last couple of days until the beta closes on the 10th.

Multiplayer tips for Caspian Border:

  • Give the jets and helicopters a go if you’ve not yet tried them, but don’t spend too much time on them. Unlocks will reset, so you probably won’t have time to unlock the good countermeasures. On top of that, a lot of people are itching to try out air combat, so it’s tough to find these vehicles empty. You’ll have more fun in combat and capturing objectives than waiting around.
  • Before you spawn, assess the map. Check out the different control points, as well as any squad members and your deployment. Look for enemies which have
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Battlefield 3 strategy guide – attacking and defending on Operation Metro

Credit: DICE/EA (click to enlarge)


Today I have a strategy guide for attacking and defending in Rush mode on Operation Metro.

These tips are for competitive players looking for an edge. My advance warning – if you’re a casual player, this will be tl;dr!

Attacker Tips:

  • Area 1 (the park): Stay out of open areas as much as possible. Your enemies will be using cover and the prone position a lot. But don’t hang back and snipe the entire round – your team will lose before you get past the first objectives. Advance through hedges and between cover such as concrete walls and large trees. Take down objective Alpha first as it’s more difficult to approach. Before arming, check around the generator at Alpha for enemies and check the playground at Bravo. Once armed, cover from behind the concrete walls nearby each point.
  • Area 2 (tunnels): Keep away from all of the long hallways as much as you can. You’re likely to find support and snipers posted up and waiting for you. Move quickly between areas of cover. The short hallways in the center of the tunnel and the subway cars make for good cover while on the move. Guard Bravo from the stairway once armed, and Alpha from the nearby train cars or a corner inside the room.
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Battlefield 3 beta tips for Operation Metro

Credit: EA/DICE

The Battlefield 3 open beta is in full swing on PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Today I have some multiplayer gameplay tips for the beta on the Operation Metro map.

General Tips:

  • Try out each of the four classes. Stats will be wiped after the beta ends, so if you’ve preordered or think you might buy, now’s a good time to try them all out.
  • Spot your enemies! Even if you think you’ll be able to take them out before they see you, spot them first just in case. This will help your teammates finish them off. As a bonus, you’ll get points for spotting and points for the kill assist.
  • Toss down ammo and health packs, especially near choke points. This’ll help keep you and your teammates alive, all while giving you points.
  • As an attacker, work your way up to the MCOM stations with your squad. Once armed, keep a close eye on it so an enemy doesn’t sneak in and disarm.
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