Battlefield 3 beta system requirements and recommendations

Credit: EA/DICE

EA has posted minimum system requirements and system recommendations on the Battlefield 3 Beta website:

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit
Processor: 2 Ghz Dual Core (Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz Or Althon X2 2.7 Ghz)
Memory: 2 GB

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Battlefield 3 beta and early access release dates

Credit: Dice/EA

As posted on the official EA blog, we have a release date for the beta!

The open beta starts Thursday, September 29th and will be available to everyone.

Those who have preordered from Origin or purchased Medal of Honor: Limited Edition will have early access to the beta on Tuesday, September 27th.

The beta will be available to play until Monday, October 10th.

How to get your copy of Battlefield 3 at a discount

Credit: EA/DICE

The release of Battlefield 3 is going to be huge, so many retailers are offering their own incentives to get buyers to choose them.

Out of all the options, preordering through Origin offers the most bonuses: early access to the beta in September, pre-loading the game, the Back to Karkand expansion (bonus maps), and the Physical Warfare Pack (extra weapons and add-ons).

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Battlefield 3 Jets and Countermeasures

Credit: EA/DICE

At Gamescom 2011, EA unveiled gameplay footage of jets on
the map Caspian Border. If you’ve not yet seen it, check it out below, and
crank it up to 1080p.

Jets, along with a wide range of land vehicles and
helicopters, set Battlefield apart from other military shooters. Those new to
Battlefield will find that aircraft controls take some practice to get used to,
but offer a gameplay experience that’s really unique and exciting.

Many of those who’ve played other Battlefield games and are
used to jets are excited to give them a try. The fast-paced air-to-air battles and
obstacle-dodging ground assaults are something rarely seen outside of flight
combat sims. Some joystick-wielding pros will pick up BF3 for the jets alone.

Gameplay balance and jets

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Secure your Battlefield 3 player name NOW

Credit: EA/DICE

In the past, Battlefield games have allowed a one-time player name selection upon registration.

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Battlefield 3 Alpha access details

Credit: Dice/EA

The availability of the Battlefield 3 alpha and its signup website has caught the attention of a lot of eager players. If you have not received an invitation, the EA/Origin account you attempt to log in with will display the error “We’re sorry – you don’t meet the criteria to enter this site.”

Here are the known details on the BF3 alpha:

  • available through an email invitation only
  • sign up for the newsletter using the same email address as your EA/Origin account for a chance at being selected
  • log in to your EA/Origin account and ensure your veteran status is up-to-date
  • having attended E3 or using an account with high veteran status do not guarantee selection

As noted in the previous Battlefield 3 release date post, the beta will be available in August and will be open to everyone. Those who have purchased Medal of Honor: Limited Edition will have early access to this beta.

Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial website

The website displays a sign in page for the “Battlelog Alpha Trial,” with a note stating “Try Battlefield 3 before anyone else.”

EA/Origin logins do not appear to automatically be authorized to log in; a message states “your account is not authorized to log in” if this is attempted. No details have yet been released on how the Alpha will be accessible.

Battlefield 3 system requirements for PC

Credit: EA/DICE

Although rumored details have circulated, EA/DICE has not yet released system requirements for BF3.

In the past, EA’s Battlefield games have implemented the latest DirectX features and taken advantage of the latest hardware. Expect BF3 to be no exception.

Take Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for an example.

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Battlefield 3 release date for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3

Credit: EA/Dice

EA has confirmed Battlefield 3 will release worldwide on October 25th, 2011 for all three platforms.

A platform-wide beta will be offered on September 11th. This will be an open beta, available free of charge.

Check out the official gameplay trailer below.