How to Unlock and Use the UCAV and SUAV in BF4

ucav & suav battlefield 4

Two new, powerful gadgets were added with the China Rising DLC for Battlefield 4 – the UCAV and the SUAV.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock them and most effectively use them.

First, you’ll need the China Rising DLC. This may have come with your copy of BF4 when you bought it new. If not, you’ll need BF4 Premium or to purchase the DLC separately.

The UCAV and SUAV are both unlocked through assignments. Like most of the new assignments, you’ll need to spend some time with new China Rising features to get them.

To unlock the UCAV: [Read more…]

Amazon Black Friday deal – $29.99 for Battlefield 4

bf4 cover

Amazon has great Black Friday deals on Battlefield 4. Normally, it sells for $59.99. Today it sells for as little as $29.99 for the PC digital download code. That’s a great price considering the game has only been out about a month. You can get the following deals:

Battlefield 4 for PC (digital download) $29.99
Battlefield 4 for PC (disc)$35.00
Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360$35.00

Battlefield 4 for Playstation 3$35.00

Battlefield 4 for Xbox One$49.99

Battlefield 4 for Playstation 4$49.99

As far as I can tell, these deals are only available today, November 29th, but there’s a chance they’ll be back up for Cyber Monday.

Battlefield 4 Sniping & Zeroing Tips


One of the most versatile classes in BF4 is the Recon class. You can choose from any type of weapon other than assault rifles or LMG’s, and your gadgets range from spotting tools to laser designators, and even C4 for taking on vehicles.

If your weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, there are a lot of gameplay features and attachments to learn about in order to help you hit your targets.

In this post I’ll go over bullet drop, zeroing, scopes, and more. [Read more…]

How to Adjust Network Smoothing Factor in BF4

BF4 Network Smoothing 50

A setting in Battlefield 4 that every PC player should be familiar with is the Network Smoothing Factor.

Have you ever been sure your shots were right on target against a moving enemy, but no hits were detected? Adjusting this setting may help with this problem.

First, an explanation of network smoothing. [Read more…]

Battlefield 4 Ranks and Leveling Tips

BF4 Rank 100

In Battlefield 4, the unlock system is quite different from BF3. Previously, weapon and squad specializations were given by ranking up – these are now achieved by earning points with the individual classes (assault, engineer, support and recon). In BF4, going up in rank awards you with Battlepacks.

Battlepacks contain XP boost bonuses, weapon attachments, emblems, dog tags, weapon paint, and soldier portraits. The items you receive in Battlepacks can’t be obtained through other ways such as achievements – they are unique to Battlepacks.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a chart of the Battlefield 4 ranks. [Read more…]

How to use the XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher in BF4

xm25 airburst grenade launcher

The XM25 Airburst is a pretty cool new grenade launcher available in BF4, but many people try to use it as a regular grenade launcher which isn’t very effective.

The rounds will do a bit of damage if you directly hit an enemy or shoot the ground below their feet, but it will take far more rounds to get a kill then with the M320.

As the name suggests, the grenades are designed to explode in midair. You can read about the real-life weapon here.

The best way to use the XM25 Airburst is for taking out enemies behind cover. Here’s how to do it: [Read more…]

How to Create a User.cfg File in BF4 to Load Settings on Startup

user.cfg file

There are some great console commands in Battlefield 4, such as the FPS display and frame rate limiter. But it can be a pain to type them in every time you load the game.

Fortunately you can create a configuration file to be loaded automatically when you start BF4. This file isn’t created by default, so you’ll need to follow the steps below to add it: [Read more…]

Command to Limit Your Frame Rate in Battlefield 4


Limiting the frame rate in BF4 is something I recommend for everyone with a higher-end system. If your PC is producing a higher frame rate than your monitor can display, you’re just adding heat, fan noise, and drawing more electricity with no benefit.

You should cap your FPS at just over what your monitor can display. Unless you shelled out the extra money for a 120Hz monitor, chances are you have a 60Hz monitor so you can see no more than 60 FPS.

To cap your frame rate at 60 FPS, do the following: [Read more…]

How to Take a Screenshot in Battlefield 4

bf4 screenshot command

In the Battlefield 4 beta, it doesn’t look like a simple screenshot key has been added.

However, there are still a few ways you can take screenshots.

The first option is built into BF4. To take a screenshot in game: [Read more…]

Command to Display Your FPS in Battlefield 4

bf4 frame rate command

One of the most useful options in Battlefield 4 is to display your frame rate. As you adjust your video settings, it’s good to know the impact changes have on the game’s performance.

BF4 for the PC has a command to permanently display your frame rate in the top right corner.

To display your FPS, hit the tilde key (~) while in game to bring up the command console. Then, type the following command: [Read more…]