Battlefield 4 Ranks and Leveling Tips

BF4 Rank 100

In Battlefield 4, the unlock system is quite different from BF3. Previously, weapon and squad specializations were given by ranking up – these are now achieved by earning points with the individual classes (assault, engineer, support and recon). In BF4, going up in rank awards you with Battlepacks.

Battlepacks contain XP boost bonuses, weapon attachments, emblems, dog tags, weapon paint, and soldier portraits. The items you receive in Battlepacks can’t be obtained through other ways such as achievements – they are unique to Battlepacks.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a chart of the Battlefield 4 ranks. As with BF3, it takes a larger score to level up as your rank gets higher.

First, here are some tips on how to level up faster in BF4:

  • Join a server with a lot of players. A high player count, especially on smaller maps, will mean less time between encounters with enemies.
  • Choose a server with a high ticket count. Many ribbons are awarded by completing a certain number of objectives within one round, so you’ll receive more ribbons by playing long rounds.
  • Play as a squad leader and set objectives. Simply spot a control point or MCOM to set it as the objective. When your squad members attack or defend the objective, you’ll be awarded with extra points. A full squad of five is best.
  • Keep playing until the round ends. Even though stats are supposed to save periodically, the odds are better that your score will be kept if you stay until the end-of-round screen.
  • Use your XP boosts wisely. XP boosts are available through Battlepacks. They are not stackable, so you can only use one at a time. Use your XP boost when you’re playing a map you’re good at and you’re in a solid squad. If you score best with a certain vehicle, wait until you’re deployed and enemies are nearby to activate it.
  • Use your kit gadgets frequently. Many of your kit’s gadgets will help your score. As assault, throw down med packs and revive teammates in between firefights. As an engineer, repair vehicles or drop mines. As support, drop ammo packs. As recon, drop a radio beacon and a T-UGS or motion sensor.

Below you’ll find a chart of the rank progression along with the score it takes to reach that rank from the previous, and what you’ll unlock.

EmblemLevelRank TitleScore RequirementUnlock
1Private First Class3000(none)
2Private First Class II8000(none)
3Private First Class III11000Bronze Battlepack
4Private First Class IV13000(none)
5Private First Class V17000Bronze Battlepack
6Lance Corporal18000(none)
7Lance Corporal II21000Bronze Battlepack
8Lance Corporal III23000(none)
9Lance Corporal IV25000(none)
10Lance Corporal V28000Gold Battlepack
12Corporal II32000Bronze Battlepack
13Corporal III33000(none)
14Corporal IV35000Bronze Battlepack
15Corporal V37000(none)
16Sergeant39000Bronze Battlepack
17Sergeant II40000(none)
18Sergeant III42000Bronze Battlepack
19Sergeant IV44000(none)
20Sergeant V46000Gold Battlepack
21Staff Sergeant47000(none)
22Staff Sergeant II48000Silver Battlepack
23Staff Sergeant III51000(none)
24Staff Sergeant IV51000Silver Battlepack
25Staff Sergeant V54000(none)
26Gunnery Sergeant55000Silver Battlepack
27Gunnery Sergeant II56000(none)
28Gunnery Sergeant III58000Silver Battlepack
29Gunnery Sergeant IV58000(none)
30Gunnery Sergeant V58000Gold Battlepack
31Master Sergeant69000(none)
32Master Sergeant II65000Silver Battlepack
33Master Sergeant III65000(none)
34Master Sergeant IV65000Silver Battlepack
35Master Sergeant V65000(none)
36First Sergeant70000Silver Battlepack
37First Sergeant II70000(none)
38First Sergeant III70000Silver Battlepack
39First Sergeant IV70000(none)
40First Sergeant V80000Gold Battlepack
41Master Gunnery Sergeant80000(none)
42Master Gunnery Sergeant II75000Gold Battlepack
43Master Gunnery Sergeant III75000(none)
44Master Gunnery Sergeant IV80000Gold Battlepack
45Master Gunnery Sergeant V80000(none)
46Sergeant Major80000Gold Battlepack
47Sergeant Major II90000(none)
48Sergeant Major III80000Gold Battlepack
49Sergeant Major IV90000(none)
50Sergeant Major V90000Gold Battlepack
51Warrant Officer One80000Gold Battlepack
52Warrant Officer One II90000Gold Battlepack
53Warrant Officer One III100000Gold Battlepack
54Warrant Officer One IV100000Gold Battlepack
55Warrant Officer One V90000Gold Battlepack
56Chief Warrant Officer Two90000Gold Battlepack
57Chief Warrant Officer Two II100000Gold Battlepack
58Chief Warrant Officer Two III100000Gold Battlepack
59Chief Warrant Officer Two IV100000Gold Battlepack
60Chief Warrant Officer Two V110000Gold Battlepack
61Chief Warrant Officer Three110000Gold Battlepack
62Chief Warrant Officer Three II110000Gold Battlepack
63Chief Warrant Officer Three III110000Gold Battlepack
64Chief Warrant Officer Three IV110000Gold Battlepack
65Chief Warrant Officer Three V110000Gold Battlepack
66Chief Warrant Officer Four90000Gold Battlepack
67Chief Warrant Officer Four II110000Gold Battlepack
68Chief Warrant Officer Four III110000Gold Battlepack
69Chief Warrant Officer Four IV120000Gold Battlepack
70Chief Warrant Officer Four V110000Gold Battlepack
71Chief Warrant Officer Five110000Gold Battlepack
72Chief Warrant Officer Five II110000Gold Battlepack
73Chief Warrant Officer Five III110000Gold Battlepack
74Chief Warrant Officer Five IV110000Gold Battlepack
75Chief Warrant Officer Five V120000Gold Battlepack
76Second Lieutenant120000Gold Battlepack
77Second Lieutenant II120000Gold Battlepack
78Second Lieutenant III120000Gold Battlepack
79Second Lieutenant IV120000Gold Battlepack
80Second Lieutenant V120000Gold Battlepack
81First Lieutenant120000Gold Battlepack
82First Lieutenant II120000Gold Battlepack
83First Lieutenant III120000Gold Battlepack
84First Lieutenant IV130000Gold Battlepack
85First Lieutenant V130000Gold Battlepack
86Captain130000Gold Battlepack
87Captain II140000Gold Battlepack
88Captain III120000Gold Battlepack
89Captain IV130000Gold Battlepack
90Captain V140000Gold Battlepack
91Major130000Gold Battlepack
92Major II140000Gold Battlepack
93Major III140000Gold Battlepack
94Major IV130000Gold Battlepack
95Major V140000Gold Battlepack
96Lietenant Colonel140000Gold Battlepack
97Lietenant Colonel II140000Gold Battlepack
98Lietenant Colonel III140000Gold Battlepack
99Lietenant Colonel IV130000Gold Battlepack
100Colonel140000Gold Battlepack

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