How to use the XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher in BF4

xm25 airburst grenade launcher

The XM25 Airburst is a pretty cool new grenade launcher available in BF4, but many people try to use it as a regular grenade launcher which isn’t very effective.

The rounds will do a bit of damage if you directly hit an enemy or shoot the ground below their feet, but it will take far more rounds to get a kill then with the M320.

As the name suggests, the grenades are designed to explode in midair. You can read about the real-life weapon here.

The best way to use the XM25 Airburst is for taking out enemies behind cover. Here’s how to do it:

  • Locate an enemy behind cover. Spotting your target will make it easier to keep track of him.
  • With the XM25 equipped, aim the reticle at the cover the enemy is behind, as shown below.

    xm25 airburst target

  • Scope in.
  • Aim your crosshair into the air above the cover, but as close to the enemy’s position as you can, as shown below.

    xm25 airburst lock

  • Hold down the fire button to launch as many grenades as it takes to bring down your target. You’ll see a damage indicator when your target is hit, as shown above.

Some more details on using the XM25:

– As shown circled in yellow in the image above, the word “LOCK” appears when the weapon has locked onto an object or surface
– Also shown in the picture above, to the right of the crosshair, you can see the distance in meters. This is continually updated with the crosshair’s position and does not indicate the distance to what you’ve locked onto
– There is no bullet drop, so aim exactly where you want the round to detonate
– The XM25’s range is 349 meters. If you’re aiming past this range, “-“ is displayed instead of a number
– The rounds detonate 1-2 meters behind what you lock onto
– Even if an enemy is prone behind cover, they can be hit as long as they’re exposed from above
– Damage is currently inconsistent and may be fixed with updates. As of now the XM25 does at least 35 damage with a close hit and as much as 98 damage per round. Most enemies will be taken out in no more than 3 rounds if they’re stationary behind cover
– Damage seems to be highest if the enemy is as close as possible as the cover you lock onto
– Not all cover can be locked onto properly, such as cars. Concrete walls, buildings, and crates usually lock on correctly

As you can see, the XM25’s a little trickier than some weapons. But there’s no better weapon for taking out enemies behind cover at long ranges. It’s perfect for hitting enemies atop a skyscraper or prone behind sandbags.


  1. Bridudown says:

    Thanks thats really helpful normally i just spray at enemies long range doesnt work often but when i para in over them fire just in front of where theyre moving (often easy to track bcuz play obliteration alot and normally fire at bomb holder)i often get 3 kills with all the bodyguards and stuff trying to protect the bomb carrier lol.

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