Command to Limit Your Frame Rate in Battlefield 4


Limiting the frame rate in BF4 is something I recommend for everyone with a higher-end system. If your PC is producing a higher frame rate than your monitor can display, you’re just adding heat, fan noise, and drawing more electricity with no benefit.

You should cap your FPS at just over what your monitor can display. Unless you shelled out the extra money for a 120Hz monitor, chances are you have a 60Hz monitor so you can see no more than 60 FPS.

To cap your frame rate at 60 FPS, do the following:

  • Press tilde (~) to open the console
  • Type in gametime.maxvariablefps 60
  • Press Enter
  • Press tilde again to close the console

If you’re monitoring your frame rate using render.drawfps, you’ll be able to see that your FPS never exceeds 60. This ensures your GPU and CPU aren’t working any harder than they need to, but the game will run every bit as smoothly.

If you do have a 120Hz monitor, simply use the command gametime.maxvariablefps 120 instead.

You can also enable this setting automatically when you start the game with a user.cfg file. If you want to disable this setting later, you can always do that by typing gametime.maxvariablefps 0.


  1. why 61? and not 60

  2. Curious…, why 61 fps and not 60 fps? Wouldn’t a 60 fps be enough for a 60 Hz monitor?

    • Some games have a tendency to drop below 60 FPS more often if you cap the frame rate at 60. I’ve now tested and this does not seem to be the case with BF4, so I’ve updated this post.

  3. Questions:
    1) they still work in the non beta version of BF4? Ie the one that is out now?
    2) Will EA/Dice see these as ‘Hacks’ and then ban me? I do not see anywhere like on the BFP4F forum on what is allowed and what isnt, BFP4F does tell you what is allwoed BF4 doesnt.

    Care to shed any light on this? Or you gonna say ‘use these are your own risk”?

    • Yes, they work with the full version. And since these commands are built into BF4, they won’t get you banned. The user.cfg file only works for supported user commands so there isn’t any way I see that this can be abused.

  4. Ok cool, thank you I do appreciate it. They did say the same thing in BFP4F then people started to get banned. For removing the sky, buildings etc…yes all player configurable in the config.con file that is on our computer… if it is configurable then why cant we config it to our own specifications I say. But EA/DICE said NO… then PB started to ban people as well as EA themselves… so yeh… it was a big question that no one will answer even on the EA/BF4 forums. Ticks me off.

    • I hadn’t heard of that before since I only played BFP4F briefly, but that’s pretty absurd. Hopefully we’ll never see a situation like that with the paid BF games.

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