Command to Display Your FPS in Battlefield 4

bf4 frame rate command

One of the most useful options in Battlefield 4 is to display your frame rate. As you adjust your video settings, it’s good to know the impact changes have on the game’s performance.

BF4 for the PC has a command to permanently display your frame rate in the top right corner.

To display your FPS, hit the tilde key (~) while in game to bring up the command console. Then, type the following command:

perfoverlay.drawfps 1

Hit tilde again to close the console. Your frame rate should then be displayed in the top right of the screen.

Not only does it show the number of frames per second, but the number is color coded to show you whether your performance is excellent or whether it’s struggling a bit.

  • Green is displayed if your FPS is 60+, which is ideal.
  • Yellow appears you’ve dropped below 60 FPS, but performance is still good enough not to greatly affect playability.
  • Red is displayed if you drop below 50 FPS. If your FPS is in the red, playability may be affected.

You can also add this FPS command to the user.cfg file so it is enabled automatically each time you run the game.

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