Battlefield 3 loadout editor for Battlelog

Battlefield 3 loadout editor in Battlelog

The loadout feature has been introduced to Battlelog for all Battlefield 3 players. Battlefield Premium is not required.

To access your loadouts, log into Battlelog. Look for the “Loadout” button as pictured below.

Battlefield 3 loadout button

You will then be shown loadouts for the Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon classes along with sections for each vehicle with unlocks.

Each class has the following selections available to change:
·    Primary Weapon plus 3 accessory slots
·    Side arm
·    Specialization
·    Gadget 1
·    Gadget 2
·    Camouflage

Each vehicle has 3 perks available to be selected.

To change a selection, simply hold your cursor over the unlock, then click the right or left arrow which appears until the desired unlock is shown. Once you’re done making all your changes, be sure to click the orange “Apply” button at the top left to save the changes. A confirmation message will appear stating “This loadout is now being used.” Once you load up Battlefield 3, your new loadout will be selected.

You can also use the Loadout feature under your friends’ profiles to see what unlocks they have or to copy their entire loadout to your own profile. Simply click the “Copy to my loadout” button to do this.

At this time, changes made to the camo selection will save in the Battlelog loadout screen, but do not get changed in-game. Premium camo and weapon camo do not appear in Battlelog. As this is the first iteration of the Battlelog loadout feature, look for improvements to be added in the future.


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