Battlefield 3 double XP weekend on PC detailed

Credit: Dice/EA

EA/DICE has listed details for the PC’s double XP weekend. This works just as it did on the console double XP weekend which ran May 12th to 14th.

Here is the full info.

Start Date/Time:
Saturday, May 26th at 00:01 PDT (late night Friday/early AM Saturday)

End Date/Time:
Sunday, May 27th at 23:50 PDT (late Sunday night)

How this works:
Although called a “double XP weekend,” BF3 uses a points system rather than experience (XP). This weekend, all your points will be doubled. For instance, if you get a 1000 combat score (kills, spotting, revives, flag captures, etc.) plus 1000 points worth of ribbons, you would normally get 2000 points; this will be doubled to 4000.

The extra points will help you rank up faster. If you’re below level 45, you’ll get a new weapon or specialization at each level, so this will help you get unlocks twice as fast. Also, new weapons/equipment for each class are unlocked by getting more points when using that class. So if you play a class you need unlocks for, you’ll earn them twice as fast.

If you’re level 45 or above and have all the class weapon unlocks, this will only help you rank up faster. This does not double the amount of kills towards weapon attachment and vehicle unlocks.

Finally, if the double XP works as it did for the consoles, your SPM (score per minute) will go up very rapidly since you’ll effectively be scoring twice as much each minute.

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