Battlelog live scoreboard for BF3 PC players

A new feature for Battlelog on the PC has been announced – the Live Scoreboard.

This feature is being rolled out to users gradually, so keep checking the server browser for it to be added. Live Scoreboard will be displayed by selecting a server name then scrolling down. By setting the “live update” selection to “on” the stats will be refreshed in real time.

Here are some of the potential benefits this will offer:

•    Check the remaining ticket count. Avoid joining the server for an immediate loss, then more waiting as another round loads.
•    Find out whether the server has a standard or high-ticket count (total ticket count is listed next to the progress bar).
•    Check the team balance. If one side has a lot more “birds” (or colonels) combined with a larger player count a much higher scores, it’s a safe bet you’ll be put on a struggling team if you join. If the teams look fair, join up.

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