Battlefield 3 patch 1.04 release date for PC, additional patch notes

Credit: Dice/EA

The long-anticipated patch v1.04 was released for the PS3 on 3/27. Previously, I listed a summary of the changes. The PC patch will release on 3/29/12. Update: patch is now live and is 1.5GB in size. The Xbox 360 patch date has not been announced, but I think we’ll see it within a week.

Some of the unlisted changes which are rumored to be included (thanks, Reddit users):

  • Suppression effect has been increased noticeably
  • Stinger/IGLA is now much more effective against aircraft, especially jets
  • Below Radar unlock now functions as intended to help counter locks from AA missiles
  • PC update will add more options for the minimap display
  • Jets/helis no longer get destroyed by running through light poles

Be sure to keep Origin running on your PC to download the update tomorrow. You can right click the Battlefield 3 logo under “My Games” and click “Check for Update” to ensure you have the latest version that’s available.

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