Upcoming Battlefield 3 patch changes summarized

Credit: Dice/EA

A massive list of upcoming patch changes has been posted by EA/DICE. While there’s no ETA on the next patch, and this is not a complete list, we can expect a lot of bug fixes and balance changes.

Here’s a more brief list of big changes:


-no fall damage from short falls
-getting up from prone is faster
-longer invulnerability and shorter black screen fade-in after spawning, cancelled by moving or shooting
-being suppressed  has more of an impact on aim; suppression resist specialization more effective
-parachutes are more agile
-switching between primary and sidearm is faster
-bipod easier to place, accuracy improved for assault rifles and carbines
-fixed vaulting issues, including railing
-repair tool repair speed reduced, rate of damage to vehicles and soldiers increased


-1 hit from a tank’s main weapon will kill jets, attack helicopters, and scout helis. Damage against other tanks increased
-RPG/SMAW kill aircraft in one hit
-javelin damage increased
-laser guided missiles can be avoided with flares; flares no longer break locks but instead distract missiles
-rate of fire and damage from HMG’s increased
-IGLA/stinger faster to lock and disables aircraft in 1 hit, but range reduced
-AA missiles more difficult to dodge in jets
-helicopter AA missiles more effective against other aircraft, rocket pods do more damage, guns do less damage to armor
-Mi28 more maneuverable, gun more accurate
-F35 controls improved
-jet/heli collisions destroy both vehicles
-below radar now works properly
-horns added to jeeps (!)


-USAS-12, Saiga 12k, and DAO-12 damage reduced; frag rounds do less damage and fire at a reduced rate; USAS-12 recoil increased
-extended mag unlock available for ASVAL
-bolt action sniper rifles can kill with 1 hit to the upper chest at short range
-Rex and 44 magnum do more damage at long range
-damage increased at all ranges for: M60, M240B, SKS, G3A3
-recoil changed on nearly all weapons
-attachments (foregrip, heavy barrel, etc.) now have a different impact on each gun
-knife is now a faster (two-hit) kill from side or front, and can destroy enemy equipment
-laser sight hip firing accuracy bonus increased
-suppressor has no damage penalty at long range, but accuracy bonuses are decreased
-flash suppressor now reduces recoil, but has a small hip accuracy penalty


-MAV cannot destroy aircraft; it can still kill soldiers, but this results in the MAV being destroyed. MAV cannot be used to lift soldiers off the ground
-C4 can’t be detonated after dying and respawning
-ground-deployed gadgets easier to set in place
-ammobags don’t run out; they refill ammo quicker but explosives more slowly
-mortar can’t be deployed outside the combat area of the enemy team

Thanks to Robert Pate for helping put this list together!

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