How to use the sprint button and sprint specializations in Battlefield 3

The sprint button can be used to cover ground faster in BF3. There is no limit to the amount of time you can sprint.

Sprint is activated one of two ways on the PC:
–          Hold the shift key
–          Double tap the “W” key and hold

On the PS3 and Xbox 360, sprint is used by holding down the left stick.

Sprint can not only be used on foot, but in ground vehicles. Tanks, LAV’s, AA, and transport vehicles will all move faster while holding sprint. Note that you won’t be able to turn as sharply while using sprint in a vehicle, so let off when you need to corner quickly.

Sprint can also be used in jets to travel even faster. Slow down to begin making a sharp turn, then use sprint halfway through your turn to accelerate out while continuing to turn sharply.

The Sprint and Squad Sprint specializations are some of the most useful. SPRNT can be unlocked at level 2, and is applied to your soldier only. SQD SPRNT is unlocked at level 23 and is active for your entire squad, even if you’re dead. This increases the speed you travel on foot when sprinting. Equipping these specializations will get you to the flag or MCOM much faster. They also make you a more difficult target while on the run.

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