How to perfectly time moving up to the next objective in Rush mode


Let’s say you’re attacking on Rush mode, and you just finished taking a pair of MCOM’s. Getting to the next set of objectives as quickly as possible can be an effective strategy.

Many of your enemies will still be at the previous set of objectives when the new MCOM’s open up. This means the defense will often be limited at the new objectives.

You can capitalize on this by moving up as quickly as possible. You can actually leave the combat area and move towards the new MCOM’s, and if you time it just right, you’ll be saved from death at the last second. Whether you’re on foot or in a ground vehicle, this gets you nearly 10 seconds closer to the objective than waiting for orders to proceed.

How do you time your run so you don’t get killed for leaving the combat area?

First, position yourself between the old and new MCOM’s, right before the line which marks the out-of-combat area.

Next, you’ll need to pay attention to the orders at the top left of your screen. When you destroy a pair of MCOM’s the order “Attack the base objectives” will get crossed off and disappear. As soon as the order reads “Await orders to move up to next base,” count to 11 (one thousand one, one thousand two…).

After you count to 11, start running or driving to the next MCOM’s. You’ll be leaving the combat area and will see a countdown from 10. As long as you don’t count too fast, the out-of-combat area timer will disappear just in time for you to emerge that much closer to the objectives.

The next set of MCOM’s is opened up exactly 20 seconds after the order “Await orders to move up to next base” appears, so by waiting 11 seconds, you have 9 seconds to be outside the combat area.

Now, you’ll still need backup from your team once you’ve armed an MCOM, so be sure to squad up. Use this tip to catch your enemies off guard by arming much quicker than they expect!


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