Join the EA Gun Club to unlock the M1911 pistol in Battlefield 3

Credit: EA/DICE

EA has opened up access to the “Gun Club.” Becoming a member opens up the following, per the Gun Club website:

Challenges: Show off your shooter skills.
Badges: Collect badges by playing games and interacting in the Gun Club community. Some badges are just for fun, while others are needed to redeem rewards.
Rewards: Get exclusive access and deals for being a Gun Club member and early access to game betas.
Community: Get updates from your friends, visit the forums, and get active on Facebook and Twitter.
Media and Intel: Get the latest details on EA’s hottest shooters.

Once you register, you’ll unlock the M1911 pistol for Battlefield 3. This was a great sidearm in Bad Company 2, so I suggest you sign up!



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