How to get your copy of Battlefield 3 at a discount

Credit: EA/DICE

The release of Battlefield 3 is going to be huge, so many retailers are offering their own incentives to get buyers to choose them.

Out of all the options, preordering through Origin offers the most bonuses: early access to the beta in September, pre-loading the game, the Back to Karkand expansion (bonus maps), and the Physical Warfare Pack (extra weapons and add-ons).

If you’re looking to preorder from Origin, check out this thread on Slickdeals. Many people have had success in getting 25% off their preorders.

For another digital preorder option at a discount, Direct2Drive is offering BF3 for $46 until September 16th. Check out this Slickdeals post for a coupon code.

Do you prefer to pick up a retail copy in-store? With such a big release, major retailers will no doubt have some bonuses for buying during the first week of Battlefield 3’s release. Expect Best Buy, Target, and other stores to offer discounts and freebies at launch. Snag your copy on the first day of the release and you’re likely to get a better deal than several weeks following.

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