Classes in Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Assault (Part 5 of 5)

Credit: EA/DICEIn the final post of this series, I’ll go over the assault class and which players should focus on this role when they start playing BF3.


Instead of having a dedicated Medic class, BF3 is going to combine the assault and medic roles into one class.

Medics have two very important abilities – throwing out health kits to heal themselves and teammates, and defibrillators to revive teammates.

Expecting a heavy firefight when you peek out from cover? Throw down a med kit to prepare yourself for healing. Pushing up with squadmates into an enemy base? Toss a pack out and heal the whole group.

Shock paddles are even better – every squad can use a guy with ‘em. You may lose a couple nearby teammates, but if you can get them right back up, you suddenly have an advantage over the enemy.

The assault class also has some of the best – go figure – assault rifles. These weapons have some of the best attributes – fast firing rate, stopping power, long range precision, and accuracy on the run. Choose assault for the no-compromises guns.

What playing style is best for assault? *Almost* any style. Supporting your squadmates, racking up points by healing and reviving to get your next unlock, or gunning for the most kills on the server… all of these are possible. The only thing you’ll want to avoid is vehicles. Playing as assault class inside a vehicle isn’t going to help you when you need to repair, and if you come up against enemy armor you’d better have your running shoes on. With this exception, the assault class is one that every player should get familiar with.

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