Battlefield 3 beta tips for Operation Metro

Credit: EA/DICE

The Battlefield 3 open beta is in full swing on PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. Today I have some multiplayer gameplay tips for the beta on the Operation Metro map.

General Tips:

  • Try out each of the four classes. Stats will be wiped after the beta ends, so if you’ve preordered or think you might buy, now’s a good time to try them all out.
  • Spot your enemies! Even if you think you’ll be able to take them out before they see you, spot them first just in case. This will help your teammates finish them off. As a bonus, you’ll get points for spotting and points for the kill assist.
  • Toss down ammo and health packs, especially near choke points. This’ll help keep you and your teammates alive, all while giving you points.
  • As an attacker, work your way up to the MCOM stations with your squad. Once armed, keep a close eye on it so an enemy doesn’t sneak in and disarm.
  • As defenders, stick close to one MCOM. There are multiple approaches for each MCOM, so keep a close eye on it to keep attackers from sneaking in and arming.
  • Once you unlock any “tactical” weapons – that is, those with the flashlight attachment – equip them on the subway stage (2nd part) of the map. These will blind your enemy and make you a tough target to hit. Stick to the short hallways and train cars to get the jump on enemies. Avoid long hallways.
  • Try equipping the shotgun on the 2nd and 3rd stages. Stick to the small hallways and rooms, strafing out around corners quickly to get the first shot at enemies. Keep strafing in and out of cover if you need to take more than one shot.
  • Give the engineer a go. Even though there are no vehicles, the RPG is great for taking out cover. Blast the metal barriers and concrete walls in the 1st stage. Fire at corners and into small rooms in the 2nd and 3rd stages. Shoot into the small storefronts and upper floor windows in the last stage.
  • As support, try the bipod attachment in the long tunnels of the 2nd stage and looking out into the open subway entrance in the 3rd stage. Put as much distance between you and your enemies as you can. When you open fire on a group of enemies, keep holding the fire button down. Once you aim down and counter the recoil, you’ll find full-auto firing is very accurate.

Coming soon, I’ll give you strategies for attacking and defending on Operation Metro. Stay tuned!




  1. The radio beacon is also an invaluable tool that can be used while attacking!

    • Definitely! It can easily save your squad a number of minutes otherwise spent running from deployment to objectives.

  2. CoD_Player_switchingto_BF3 says

    Is there a specific button you press to spot players so your team can see them? How do you spot players?

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