Classes in Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Recon (Part 4 of 5)


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In the first post of this series, I recommended choosing one or two classes to focus on after BF3 releases.

In this post I’ll go over the recon class and which players will benefit from focusing on this role first.


When people think of the recon class, they think “sniper.”

Battlefield games have always had a class with its own unique long-range rifles. BF3 will have a total of 6 sniper rifles, all unique to the recon class. Some possible new additions in BF3 such as scope glint and scope sway may make it more of a challenge to be a sniper when you get started. On the other hand, you’ll be able to earn weapon specializations such as the bipod, scopes, and flash suppressor. Also, claymores can bring down enemies that try to sneak up on you. These will no doubt give snipers and their rifles a huge range and detection advantage over the other classes.

Don’t look past the reason it’s called the “recon” class and not the “sniper” class.

The recon class has more goodies of its own other than sniper rifles.

The fact sheet on BF3 lists UG Sensors, Radio Beacons, SOFLAM, and MAV Micro UAV as some of the soldier-equipped items. Some or all of these will only be usable by the Recon class. Here’s a quick breakdown on what I predict these items will do:

UG Sensors: ground-deployed sensor that spots nearby enemies on the mini-map for the whole team
Radio Beacons: point out a target or other area of importance to the whole team
SOFLAM: laser targeting system, possible to providing guidance for jets or other vehicles/weapons to attack targets with greater accuracy
MAV Micro UAV: unmanned aerial vehicle that spots enemies on the mini-map for the whole team

With these tools, the recon class can spot enemies who think they’re out of sight or under cover. Recon players can then rely on teammates to take down these unsuspecting targets, or take ‘em on themselves.

What players should focus on the recon role?

“Lone wolf” players – that is, those who have jumped into a server on their own, will be most at home as recon. These players can defend objectives, provide cover after a control point is armed, or simply post up at a distance in a deathmatch game. Whatever the game mode, recon has the best means to stay hidden and take out enemies undetected. Those who are gunning for the best K:D (kill per death) ratio will like the recon class.

Still, don’t rule out the recon class when teaming up with a squad of your friends. The gadgets available to the recon class are unmatched in detecting enemies. Squadmates will value having one recon player sticking close and spotting enemies.


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