Classes in Battlefield 3 multiplayer – Engineer (Part 3 of 5)

In this series’ first post, I pointed out the advantage of choosing one or two classes to focus on just after BF3’s release.

Here I’ll go into the Engineer class and what players will benefit from focusing on this role first.


The Engineer’s claim to fame is things that go “boom.”

RPGs and rocket launchers are the key to taking down vehicles (tanks, APC’s, and cars) and aircraft (jets and helicopters).

In Battlefield 3’s conquest mode, you’ll be facing all of these. While you might find some anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns sprinkled around the map, if you’re not in the area of mounted guns, vehicles will walk all over you.

Expect to see at least 3 different types of ranged anti-armor/aircraft weapons in BF3. We may even see tracer darts as in Bad Company 2, and guided rockets as in BF2 and BC2.

We’ll also, no doubt, be able to unlock anti-tank mines. As a defensive measure, drop a few of these in a choke point and watch as enemy vehicles get blown to bits.

You’ll also have access to the repair tool, which allows you to bring vehicles back to full strength after taking enemy fire.

What players should focus on the engineer role?

Want to be the hero of your team? Drop that enemy attack chopper that’s been buzzing around your spawn point and mowing down hapless teammates with your well-placed rocket. Stop an enemy tank advance with a grid of AT mines. Find your way to the enemy’s airstrip and take down jets before they ever leave the runway.

The engineer class can change the tide of the round more quickly than any other. Unlike in previous Battlefield games, expect to see better primary weapons for the engineer class – this means no more being stuck with a pea shooter against the heavy-gunning assault and support classes.

Simply put, the engineer class is for those willing to take on the challenge of fighting vehicles for the good of the team.


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