Classes in Battlefield 3 multiplayer (part 1 of 5)

Credit: EA/DICE


Battlefield 3 will include four distinct player classes: support, engineer, recon, and assault.

As was the case in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, numerous “unlocks” (weapons and gadgets made available by reaching goals in multiplayer) can be applied to the different classes. Most players will eventually branch out and vary their class each time they spawn based on their squad, the map, and other specifics of the battle.

However, many players will choose their favorite class or classes and unlock their unique items first. This can be of particular advantage in the first few weeks of the game’s release.

If you’ve played the Battlefield series of games before, chances are you already have a favorite class in mind. Armor drivers will prefer the engineer, “lone wolf” players may favor recon, and so on. While I encourage everyone to give each class a try when BF3 is released, you can get a leg up on your opponents in the early weeks by focusing on one or two classes.

Don’t be surprised if each class is limited to a primary weapon and sidearm when you begin. Items as important as ammo boxes to the support class and anti-tank weapons to the engineer class will likely need to be unlocked. By obtaining some of the important unlocks that make your class of choice unique, you’ll become much more effective in your role.

In the following parts of this series, I will go into further detail on individual classes.

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  1. Lone Wolf: a player wishes to think of himself as a one man army, but they would actually prefer to sit as close to their spawn as possible keeping great between themselves and the enemy and refusing to participate in trying to achieve the team’s objectives if it doesn’t involve a mortar strike.


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