Battlefield 3 Alpha access details

Credit: Dice/EA

The availability of the Battlefield 3 alpha and its signup website has caught the attention of a lot of eager players. If you have not received an invitation, the EA/Origin account you attempt to log in with will display the error “We’re sorry – you don’t meet the criteria to enter this site.”

Here are the known details on the BF3 alpha:

  • available through an email invitation only
  • sign up for the newsletter using the same email address as your EA/Origin account for a chance at being selected
  • log in to your EA/Origin account and ensure your veteran status is up-to-date
  • having attended E3 or using an account with high veteran status do not guarantee selection

As noted in the previous Battlefield 3 release date post, the beta will be available in August and will be open to everyone. Those who have purchased Medal of Honor: Limited Edition will have early access to this beta.


  1. Now I feel all teased.

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